Crab’n Gear 900mm Pro Pot

For the most dedicated crabbers, the Crab’n Gear 900mm Pro Pot is the ultimate choice.

With multiple mesh options, this pot provides flexibility and strength.

Available in 30-ply black 55mm mesh, 30-ply orange 55mm mesh, 42-ply green 55mm mesh and 2.5mm braided black with green spec 55mm mesh.

Featuring three or four funnel entrances and four 320 poly legs, it is reinforced with hot dip galvanised 12mm bottom and 10mm top rings and 6mm chafe rope on the top and bottom ring.

The sewn-in bait bag, utilising mesh applicable to the pot mesh, ensures optimal baiting.

Perfect for serious reconnaissance missions to professional fishing, this pot offers three levels of mesh strength and deep funnels, allowing it to hold a substantial number of crabs before reaching maximum capacity.

Ask at your local tackle shop.

Visit crabngear.com.au

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