Daiwa 22 Free Swimmer BR

Daiwa returns to the Bite ‘N’ Run reel scene with the release of the 22 Free Swimmer BR.

Designed in collaboration between Daiwa US, Daiwa Australia, Daiwa New Zealand and alongside Japanese engineers, Free Swimmer BR is a reel five years in the making and a testament to Daiwa’s commitment to providing the best products to suit local conditions and meet the needs of local anglers.

Bite ‘N’ Run is a key technology for keen live or dead bait anglers that allows the fish to take the bait under minimal line tension to ensure a solid hookset is achieved.

A sought after and much-loved feature, Bite ‘N’ Run tension is set by adjusting the dial on the bottom of the reel.

With a wide range setting available, tension can be lightly set to suit unweighted bait for finicky feeders such as whiting, to a strong setting suited to live large bait for hard-fighting predators such as kingfish and mackerel.

The Free Swimmer BR features a strong and sturdy carbon composite frame, while the internals have been sealed through careful design and the implementation of rubber seals.

This makes the Free Swimmer BR a true saltwater Bite ‘N’ Run reel.

Meticulous attention to detail was paid throughout the design phase with the Free Swimmer BR built and constructed to handle the toughest fish going, including extra-large kingfish and snapper.

Free Swimmer BR is loaded with a host of Daiwa’s best technologies including Air Rotor, ATD Drag and Tough Digigear and combines with the brand’s extensive development and design approach to make the 22 Free Swimmer BR its best performing Bite ‘N’ Run reel ever.

Lighter, stronger and more balanced than any rotor system that’s come before, ‘Air Rotor’ delivers a great leap forward in rotor design and function and delivers the ultimate line roller support.

Made from Zaion and featuring a redesigned arch that disperses pressure to the lower section of the rotor to reduce stressing and flexing, the design is further enhanced with a hollowed out construction reducing weight, while increasing reel sensitivity and rotational balance.

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