Daiwa Steez Current Master

Daiwa Steez Current Master

The Daiwa Current Master 93SP-DR was designed in partnership with Japanese engineers and has been tuned to suit the needs of Australian anglers handle the rigours of hard-pulling Australia species.

The Current Master 93SP-DR is the perfect mid-size silent jerkbait – with a lively action when jerked and suspends on the pause, inducing hard strikes from predatory species such as barramundi and mangrove jack.

The patented mag lock silent oscillation casting system has been installed inside the Current Master 93SP-DR enabling incredibly long casts while keeping a subtle and silent presentation.

The mag lock system also creates perfect lure balance, delivering a super consistent swimming action in still water, heavy current or faster retrieve speeds.

Fitted with ultra-strong split rings and BKK Viper treble hooks, there is no need to upgrade any of the hardware that comes standard on all Current Master 93SP-DR and is ready to fish straight out of the box.

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