fish inc. fly half popper

Fish Inc. Lures 80mm Fly Half popper

THE Fish Inc. Lures Fly Half 80mm popper is built tough including heavy-duty ABS construction and solid wire-through-body design to punch above its weight, and it comes fitted with HD Owner trebles.

At 16g in weight it casts like a bullet and its unique keeled belly design and balanced weight allows it to be retrieved easily with a ‘walk the dog’ retrieve, popped with a subtle pop or popped more aggressively to move plenty of water and create more noise. As well as providing casting distance and balance, the internal weight also emits a low audible click when the lure is walked or popped, drawing fish to the lure.

Finish quality and colours are to the normal top-shelf standard produced by Fish Inc. Lures, with either a chrome-look finish or internal foil design that will create flash, attract strikes and assist the fish when zeroing in on the surface presentation.

A bite-size profile that accounted for a stack of species throughout the testing process including mangrove jack, barramundi, trevally, tailor and salmon, we’re sure the Fly Half popper will find a home in the arsenal of many Aussie anglers.
Buckle up!

Available in eight colours including Blue Ghost, Tidal Form, Bronze Sardine and Sugar Coral, with a SRP of $19.95.

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