Flathead making up the bulk of Gold Coast catch

A bit of drizzle and cloud cover over the weekend didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of customers who headed out on the water and were rewarded with some nice fish.  From Monday onwards the swell and wind dropped making perfect conditions to head off shore and try your luck on the Gold Coast.

“Tech Tip Drag Settings”. Quite often I do hear the story of the big fish that busted me off and got away. Making sure your drag is set correctly on your spinning or overhead reel will make the difference between landing or loosing that fish of a lifetime.  Fishing line, Braid and leader all have a pre-test rating, example if you are using 20lb/9kg mono, braid or leader the drag should be set to 1/3 of the test rating.  For 9kg line your drag setting should be 3kg and technically you should not bust the fish off as long as you don’t apply any more pressure.  Drag scales are cheap insurance nowadays and taking a minute before hitting the water to set your drag is worth the effort.

Flathead have been making up the bulk of the catch again this week, local angler Jacob scored a nice Flathead pictured in the report working soft plastics while fishing with his Dad, great catch mate well done.  If you can find the bait you should find the fish in the same area.  Jumpinpin has been producing some large fish amongst the normal school size fish early in the season.    Kalinga Bank, Bedrooms, Crusoe Island, Green Bank, Tiger Mullet Channel, Canaipa Passage, Jacobs Well, Logan River are all good spots to have a look.  In the Broadwater try the Coomera River North & South arms, Brown Island, Aldershots, Paradise Point, Wave Break Island and the Seaway.  Don’t be afraid to mix up the size of lures or baits used, I have seen fish eat a bait nearly as big as them, that way you will work what they are feeding on and stick to the size of lure or bait that will work best on the day.

The Full Moon this week made the offshore fishing a bit hit and miss at times.  Some nice Snapper, Jewfish, Trag, Moses, Pearl Perch, Cobia and Mac Tuna have been landed, you just had to hunt around and put in the hard yards to get the bite.  There is plenty of bait on the 18 to 24 fathom reefs at the moment, the fishing will improve now we have passed the full moon.  Just keep an eye on the forecast before heading out to sea.

Some quality Bream in the 40cm range are becoming more common during July, the secret is keeping a nice burly trail of pellets going to keep the fish on the chew.  Mullet Fillet, Prawns, White Pilchards, Mullet Gut, Beach Worms, Yabbies and WA Pilchard cubes are all great bait.  You can find smaller fish more active during the day and larger fish feeding better at night.  Good spots are Short Island, Mc Kenzies Channel, Whalleys Gutter, Cobby Passage, Logan River, Tiger Mullet Channel, Dux, Coomera River, Paradise Point, Wave Break Island and The Gold Coast Seaway.

Schools of Mac Tuna have been feeding in the mouth of the Gold Coast Seaway this week, as long as anglers are not trolling over the top of the schools you should be able to cast a metal slug into the frenzy and have some fun.

Coomera Houseboat Holidays/Coomera Bait & Tackle now have Hire Tinnies follow the link to view http://www.coomerahouseboats.com.au/our-fleet-type/hire-tinnies/

Seabreeze is a great website to access a local forecast http://www.seabreeze.com.au/graphs/

At the time of writing my report we will see stronger Northerly winds on Saturday before the wind swings back to light SE early Sunday.  The pick of the days so far is Sunday to get out amongst the action.

If you have any great catches to report or fishing photos please email them to brett@coomerahouseboats.com.au    Good luck with the Fishing.  Brett

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