Kaio’s ‘one last cast’ was nailed by a 66cm flathead. The family fishing trip was extended until he managed to land the stonker.

Flathead, sharks and stonker squid

Well, February has arrived again and so far, it’s looking better than the February we had in 2022!

Last year, we did a ‘random act of kindness’ on behalf of Robert from RWM Cleaning and Maintenance. This year, Robert has done it again.

Fifty packets of prawns were randomly given out to unsuspecting customers – the packets were received by very surprised recipients and in a few cases, the fishos were speechless.

So, a huge thanks to Robert for supporting and caring about our locals.

Nicolas and his dad ventured down to Sandgate for bit of a ‘boys’ day out’ and ended up at the new boat ramp on Cabbage Tree Creek.

Nicolas hooked up to a great little shovel nose shark and the battle started.

Nicolas gained some line and lost a heap, then gained even more – the battle raged on!

Everything stopped – a boatie waited until the shark was landed then launched, people on the pontoon stopped and gathered around to give him encouragement – it was so good to watch. Finally, Nicolas landed the beast – the biggest fish he had ever caught.

Nicolas landed a shovel nose shark – the biggest fish he had ever caught.


Hooks were removed, photos were taken, the shark was released in great condition and then there were the pats on the back – Nicolas had a huge smile on his face, as did his dad.
That’s what it’s all about.

Well done, Nicolas – a great moment to witness.

Joel ventured over to Stradbroke Island for a couple of days and wet a line while he was there.

Fishing the flats, he managed some very nice flathead.

However, the catch of the day would have to be the cracker of a tiger squid!

Squid such as this one can be caught during most of the year in places such as Stradbroke and Moreton islands – the water is clearer, which makes it an awesome habitat for them.

Coastal areas such as Redcliffe, Sandgate and Woody Point generally see good numbers and catches in winter, particularly when we have a westerly wind. The way this year is going so far, it will be squid season before we know it.

Joel ventured over to Stradbroke Island and scored a cracker of a tiger squid.


Well done, Joel!

We hope you had a great break over there and a few awesome catches to make it even better.

In Brisbane on holidays, Kaio had to have a fish.

His family ventured to the Pine River on the flats and had a crack at a few flathead.

A great day was had by all and soon it was time to pack up and head home.


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