Freak Sports Torpedo 10 Kayak

WITH demand greater than ever for kayaks in both recreational and fishing styles, until now it has been difficult to find one that fits into both categories with ease.

Freak Sports is happy to introduce the new 2015 Torpedo 10. With the ability to be an all-day paddler or a serious fishing rig, it is a quality bit of gear.

Made of high-quality PE plastic and top-notch

Freak Sports Torpedo 10 Kayak

fittings, the Torpedo features a three-year warranty. The new-look centre hatch is deep enough to store all the gear you might need to keep at hand and also makes for an icebox to keep your water bottle cool.

Two models in the range will consist of a Rookie Angler and Pro Angler. The Rookie Angler includes a basic seat, paddle and standard rod holder as well as four flush-mounted rod holders; two behind the seat and two forward of the seat for quick storage of a rod. The Pro Angler package is the same kayak but with a few more goodies including a deluxe Pro Angler seat that is comfortable enough to sit in all day, being Railblaza ready for SidePort mounting front and rear and one HD port with a Railblaza rod holder.

All this adds up to giving anglers a serious advantage on the water.

For more information, please visit or call 07 3194 8541.

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  1. Need advice on kayak to buy will be my first. Wanting to fish estuary n lake n impoundments. I’m 6ft n 120kg. Looking at dragon hunter 4m or freak torpedo 12. Obvious each company would say theirs the best need independent advise thanks heaps. Can’t wait to yak fish

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your question. I don’t think you can go wrong with either. Although I haven’t been in those exact models I have been in both brands before. The kayaks you mention are quite similar in size and carrying capacity, however the Freak is a fraction shorter, narrower and also lighter and thus holds a little less so there are for and against for both. However in saying that at 3.7m the Freak Torpedo is still sizable. I actually have the Freak Assassin GT, it is shorter again (2.9m) and I’m 6’2″ and around 100kg and it holds me fine. Without having paddled those exact two models, it is hard to say without a doubt, but my guess would be the Dragon would be a bit more stable, but it is also heavier and wider, so you need to consider that for transporting and storage. Conversely the Freak would be a bit more nimble, and is lighter. Again it depends on your physical capabilities (do you need to get it on a 4WD or just a car?). You also need to consider lifting it when it is windy. Both will be fine for fishing out of estuaries and impoundments. Only other suggestion I can give is see who has the best customer service and warranty. Hope that information helps.

    Happy Kayaking.


  3. Hi, I am looking at getting a kayak to use in the creeks on the Gold Coast. It will be primarily for fitness and I have been advised to get one with a rudder that way I can keep the rhythm going while I’m turning. I read that this one has an optional rudder, does that mean it comes with it ready to use or does it need to be fitted and purchased separately? This is the first one I have see that says it can be for recreational use and fishing. I don’t want a huge one as I will be lifting it myself a lot of the time when kids are at school and husband at work.

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