gamakatsu inline singles

Gamakatsu Inline Circles

INTRODUCING the Gamakatsu Inline Big Bait Circle Straight Eye hooks, which are 4x strong and crafted using Gamakatsu’s state-of-the-art tempering process in temperature-controlled oil baths.

These all-new hooks are high-end tournament-friendly circles. They are heavy and versatile, designed to catch all reef species and pretty much any fish that pulls hard. They can be trolled, stitched into fresh bait or thrown into a live bait.

These inline hooks also comply with ever-evolving fish-friendly practices – the conical point has been chemically sharpened for catch and release, rather than cutting its way out of the fish’s mouth. The standard sibling to the Big Bait Circle hook is the Inline Octopus Circle Straight Eye hook.

The difference between the Big Bait and Octopus Circle is the wire strength; the Octopus is a standard wire and the Big Bait a strong wire, though the profile of these hooks is the same. Gamakatsu’s Inline Octopus Circle SE is dynamic and versatile: a broad range of hook sizes allows for catching smaller species in the estuaries as well as larger fish on the inshore and offshore reefs.

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