Howdy all adventurers visiting Stanage

Wow how crazy has the weather been and how crazy have the muddies been.
The Stanage Road is now open, but it’s rough so be careful if you are towing. Pot holes and corrigation is scattered throughout the unsealed track, it’s like the moo poo and roos everywhere.

So do as we always do and drive to the conditions, keep your camera handy, your barra rod n reel with lures close as the creeks are running. We just need a little more rain and yeehaw, game on, cant wait!

The Estuary

Not much has changed since last week, muddies are still potting, though the bucks seem to be going to ground and the jennies are out. Chances are the bucks are shedding their shells (bring on the monsters) So i guess we will see a couple of weeks of light crabs when they reappear, thats when the jennies disappear to the holes to shed. Then the girls come out after a week or two only to disappear again and mate with the bucks. But the fellas taking the claws off our females (jennies), you have been seen and its noted. We are educated enough to know better. Our big monster girls breed and yes they are fertile and they are the future. Cut off your arms, see if you can get a feed without help? Wake up to yourselves, and stop it!

The Reef and Islands are resting nicely again, which can only be good for the fishemen and women.


crab 3

crab 4

crab 5

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