Hydraulic Steering For Smaller Outboards

HAVE you got a boat with an outboard motor and stiff cable steering that you are tired of maintaining?

Australian manufacturer HyDrive Engineering has an easy-to-maintain, economical and reliable hydraulic steering kit to suit.

There’s been a growing demand for more economical and robust hydraulic steering for smaller outboards, and the newest kit in the Commander Series manufactured in South Australia has been rigorously tested to suit single outboards up to 150hp.

The Comkit6 includes the new model 512BH bullhorn-type cylinder with a unique-shaped barrel for maximum strength and simple and efficient installation. It is also manufactured in marine-grade aluminium for maximum protection against electrolysis and corrosion.

Providing smooth steering control with only three turns lock-to-lock and non-feedback performance, the Comkit6 comes with the 501series helm for leisure installations and an option of upgrading to the Admiral Series 401 helm for commercial applications.

As a complete steering kit including all fittings such as 15m of 3/8” OD nylon tubing, two litres of Ultra-15 hydraulic fluid, a bleeding kit and installation manual, the Comkit6 has everything you require for smooth, easy-to-maintain hydraulic steering for your boat, all for a lot less than you would expect to pay for this type of system.

For more information, visit www.hydrive.com.au or contact Graham Stokes at HyDrive Queensland on 07 3821 6580 or qld@hydrive.com.au

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  1. Can you please send me some information for hydraulic steering kit for a small 40 horsepower outboard thank you

  2. how much for hydraulic steering for a 60 hp merc

  3. Hi I am looking for a hydraulic system for my 60 4stroke merc, my mechanic want to use sea star but I would prefer Aussie made
    What price am I looking at for a hydrive

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