Ironman 4×4 solar panels are portable, compact and efficient, producing optimal output and power supply.

Ironman portable compact 4×4 solar panels

Portable, compact and efficient, Ironman 4×4 solar panels produce optimal output and power supply while remaining protected from significant heat damage.

Withstanding the harsh Australian conditions, the premium seven-layer cell construction provides durability, increased power supply through all conditions and optimal resistance to heat damage.

With 15-20 percent higher efficiency than polycrystalline cells, the monocrystalline cells produce more power with less space, while the ethylene tetrafluoroethylene layer protects the panels from damage caused by high temperatures, corrosion and stains.

Constructed with shingle technology, the cells are cut into five equal parts and connected by sub-strings, allowing the cell to bypass shaded areas and maximise power output.

Compared to conventional panels, the effect of bad cells is significantly reduced, eliminating the risk of hot spots and permanent damage.

Included in each kit, the lithium compatible regulator charges a range of battery types using a backlit liquid crystal display to show power input and battery charge levels.

Finishing the kit, the Anderson plugs and battery clamps make hooking up batteries easy, with the heavy-duty carry bag protecting the solar panels in transit.

Ironman 4×4 solar panels are the ultimate eco-power source on your next camping trip.

Kit inclusions

Each portable solar panel kit includes:

  • 120W or 200W panel kit with built-in stand
  • 5m cable with 50A Anderson plug and protective caps
  • 1.5m cable with 50A Anderson plugs, protective caps, 20A in-line fuse and battery clamps
  • Lithium compatible regulator
  • Heavy-duty carry bag with storage pockets for cables and regulator
  • Velcro straps to secure cables
  • Metal pegs to secure the solar panels in use
  • Operation instructions.

Lithium compatible regulator

The Ironman 4×4 regulator is designed to charge a range of battery types with a backlit LCD display providing power input and battery charge levels.

The regulator will optimally charge the following type of batteries:

  • Lead crystal
  • Wet cell
  • Gel
  • Absorbed glass matt or AGM
  • Calcium
  • Lithium-titanate or LTO
  • Lithium iron phosphate or LiFePO4
  • Lithium-ion.

Premium seven-layer cell construction

When the solar panel is in use, they are exposed to large quantities of ultraviolet light and generate a significant amount of heat.

The premium seven-layer construction is designed to provide the optimal resistance to heat damage, improved durability and increased power supply through all conditions while remaining portable and flexible.

With a fiberglass base, the solar panel is made up of layers of ethylene vinyl acetate which forms a sealing and insulating film around the solar cells.

Monocrystalline solar cells provide the highest efficiency rates – 15-20 percent higher than polycrystalline cells – producing more power per square metre with less space.

Finishing with a fluorite-based plastic, the solar panel is protected from high temperatures, corrosion and stains.

Shingle technology

Ironman 4×4 solar panels are designed with shingle panel technology.

This reduces the risk and effect of hot spots, optimises performance in partially shaded environments and provides the most efficient power solution.

Cut into five equal parts and connected by sub-strings, the shingled solar panel structure ensures there is no distance between cells and increases the rigidity of the cell, making it stronger and reducing the likelihood of micro-cracking, which can reduce the life expectancy.

The structure provides a significant advantage when the panels are partially shaded or a cell has stopped working.

By connecting each cell sub-string in parallel, the energy is able to flow through the internal bypass connection, avoiding the shaded cell and maximising power output.

In comparison, if a cell is shaded or broken in conventional whole-cell panels, the bad cell reduces the current through the good cells, consuming the energy generated and rising the voltage in good cells.

Ultimately this can create a hot spot, resulting in a permanent efficiency reduction.

By providing greater contact and lower resistance between cells, Ironman 4×4 shingle technology avoids the negative effect caused by shaded cells and greatly reduces internal power loss, providing a higher output and charging batteries faster.

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