Islands on fire around Stanage Bay

Great news for everyone using the Stanage Bay Road, at the moment, our big driveway to heaven is sensational.  Better than  some sealed and main roads.  However, and yes there is always,’ a however’,  when it comes to unsealed dirt roads, a lot of traffic or a shower of rain can change that in a flick of mother natures,  kindness off.   I have to complain about some outright rude, dirty travellers, who have emptied their rubbish at the turnoff at the highway.  Keep  this demeanour up and if anyone in the future needs help from a property owner, the kindness now received from  most graziers  will be denied.    Plastic water, coffee, bags, blown everywhere for the wildlife and cattle to try to eat, the alcohol bottles and cans, well done!  I am ashamed of the recreation fishers with  such disrespect for  others, I would love to catch you and dump my rubbish in your driveway.  Righto, the estuary Thirsty sound, which our Plumtree boat ramp is situated is a concreted two lane good boat ramp, the parking if  followed correctly,  is roomy and serves the purpose well. Stop, take time to read the instructions before launching your boats.    If you don’t understand, please ask a local or read the map we hand out for free. Fishing tips Stanage Bay Islands

The boat ramp is no problem and is best 3.5 hours before and after high tide.  Water at the bottom post is the best gauge.  If you miss it, don’t stress or be like Rus or Trent, from Pacific Villa, who  jumped off the boat, into luscious mud, yep for 150m it was, then live oyster rocks/ shells …lots of blood .  If you really need to get to shore urgently,  make sure you have your wet boots on, if not, simply fish the estuary  for a bit, the jew hole is the first port of call being 5 minutes from the ramp.  Camping at Stanage Bay is Not Free,  it is incorrectly,  listed in the free camp book.

Camping is a generous donation to the local township ( remember the rate payers have to pay for the rubbish  which is trucked out of Stanage Bay,  so too are  the toilet treasures)  If there is not enough revenue from the campers to the township, and becomes a rate payers burden,  no doubt the camp ground will be closed.   On the brighter side, the muddies have decided to show their huge carapaces, not in quantity, but,   as the usual winter muddies,  quality all the way.  A few barra have been pulled in , along with salmon, bream and flathead.    From the bank and the boats.

The islands and reef have been on fire so to say, with every specie known to Stanage.  Massive snapper, red emperor, nannygai, sweetlip, spannos, stripies too many species to mention in this report.  One has to remember our fish up here are not obese, feasting all the time, there is a lot of water, a  lot of islands and contour lines,  intelligent fishers  have a good transducer and sounder and  read it when travelling,  fish are in strange places out there., one never knows what you find.

The usual idea of structure and weed have been tried and true forever,  also are  gravel banks, which is near on flat.  Fish are in the shallows and the deep.  Just keep up with the P’s , persistence, passion, patience it will pay off.  Never  be rude and ask anyone for a gps mark and you will remain friends or start a new friendship.   People are still out their asking strangers for marks, to get even one mark, it takes time, fuel – money and one learns for the experience.  It’s a good feeling finding fish yourself, and marking  the x on your sounder.

The Australian Defence for will be operating Exercise Talisman Sabre 2017 (TS17) Stanage Bay.  Which in reality will have little impact on the actual fishing village residents or legimate rental tenants, apart from uniforms and military vehicles.  Don’t stress if you have pre organised your fishing trip to Stanage, this will be and exciting time to experience the military vehicles, personnel, boats/ ships in peace time.  The main training event  near Stanage Bay, will be  from the 8th to 14th or July 2017.  If you have any queries give me a ring 0749373145, Stanage Bay Marine & Accommodation.  Good fishing to the fellas on Mac One, Shot Away, No Idea, Official Business, Hammer Head, Gypsy, 29 Black, Screaming  Seaman,   Skippers if you can muster your crew, and get each one to donate $10 to our local Stanage Bay Coastguard, each trip and get your mates to do the same, it will keep the local coastguard boats, trailers and vehicles in good repair for the future.

Until next time, keep your rods and lines, wet and bent, Cheers Von Ireland Find us on Facebook or ph. 07 4937 3145.

Fishing tips Stanage Bay Islands Fishing tips Stanage Bay Islands Fishing tips Stanage Bay Islands Fishing tips Stanage Bay Islands Fishing tips Stanage Bay Islands Fishing tips Stanage Bay Islands

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