je ski fishing marlin fraser island
Fraser Island’s juvenile black marlin put up an awesome fight when hooked on a jet ski.

Jet ski fishing trip to Fraser Island

MY jet ski fishing adventure to Fraser Island started with two months of planning with the local lads from Fishski Australia.

The two months felt like a year and because it had been so dry, I was thinking we’d probably get a year’s worth of rain in the week I was taking off work. Well getting closer to the trip, the forecast predicted a day of rain to harden up the track for the drive in followed by light winds the whole week.

On day one we drove to Hervey Bay and a couple of us rode to Fraser on the skis while others caught the barge to bring over all the gear. We set up camp, had dinner and talked about the fishing this place is well known for and how many good times it has given us. Midway through that night I got out of bed to check on the skis because the area is very tidal. On rising at 5am, we experienced an amazing sunrise with breakfast on the beach.

Then it was all systems go as we prepped the skis for a big trip north in search of the famous juvenile black marlin. We dragged a few of the skis into the water, stocked our Fishski boxes with ice and food and headed off. On the way we were greeted by whales, turtles and big sharks, and an hour after setting out we arrived at our fishing grounds.

We all started trolling with a mixed bag of lures mostly comprising Remora Lures because we’ve had good success with them in the past. It wasn’t long before Gazza and his son Sage were hooked up. Another couple of fish were caught on that nice sunny day before the wind picked up and we raced back to camp for a few cold ones, dinner and an early night

On day three we were up at the crack of dawn and took our time because conditions were in our favour with an afternoon glass-out. We enjoyed exploring the island and dropping in crab pots while also solidifying camp because of the chance of a storm in the evening. Before too long we headed north for more jet ski fishing and trolling and had another epic session, with a couple more marlin caught and released from the flats. This place blows me away every time I visit.

jet ski fishing fraser island black marlin
The author with a juvenile black marlin landed from his ski.
Rob’s well set-up ski at sunset.
The jet skis by the beach.
The Fishski box is a must-have for offshore jet ski fishing.
We headed back to camp for an arvo of beach fishing and chilling in the water watching an epic sunset. A plague of mosquitoes soon got us moving and we ducked into camp to dine on slow-cooked shanks for dinner.

Day four started with a big breakfast cooked up by top bloke Stevo. With nice clear skies, no wind and a maximum temperature of 32C, we had perfect fishing conditions. The day was epic. Several marlin were caught on my favourite Remora Lures and my ski hooked up to three; two out wide and one on the flats. It was a magical last day, with whales breaching all around and a perfect smooth ride home. That evening we had a big dinner and packed up some of the camp, ready for our departure on low tide in the morning.

Day five saw us packing up early in a cloud of mosquitoes in the rain. We said our goodbyes and then hit the water back to Hervey Bay, punching through the rain in glassy conditions and passing schools of tuna. After arriving at the boat ramp, we noted how quick the trip was.

This jet ski fishing trip was a once in a lifetime adventure with so many good times and memorable moments, not to mention great fishing and the famous juvenile black marlin. Preparation is the key before venturing to the western beaches of Fraser because they are very remote. You need back-up vehicles and safety equipment because there’s no phone reception and you’re a long way from medical care. Oh and you need to be able to tolerate mosquitoes.

In terms of on-water equipment, we were using jet skis with dual batteries, EPIRBs, flares, radios, Fishski boxes with all accessories, Daiwa rods and reels and Remora Lures. I hope you too can have an adventure like this. It has really opened my eyes to the great access jet skis have to these tidal places. Thank you to the crew at Fishski Australia for letting me share this magical part of the world with you and enjoy some epic jet ski fishing. See you on the water.

Jason Mccoll

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