majorcraft jigpara and zoc

Majorcraft Jigpara and Zoc hooks

MAJORCRAFT introduces an extensive new range of lead and tungsten jigging lures — 185 versions of Japan’s number-one saltwater lures.

This is the motherlode for an angler’s whole season.

The range includes:

  • Vertical Short and Vertical Long Jigparas: designed with a centre balance and asymmetric body, these jigs have a classic broad slide action, perfect for mechanical jigging for high-speed species and big, angry predators.
  • Tungsten: the Tungsten lure is precise and forceful. Denser and smaller than lead to create less water resistance, it sinks faster for a quick cast and catch.
  • Micro: this is a true micro jig in the 3-10g weight range, custom designed for the smaller estuary and freshwater species.
  • Vertical Slow Pitch and Slow Pitch: two versions of the fluttering jig, designed for slow pitch-style angling. These have a slow dancing action, so the lure hangs out in the strike zone for longer, bringing in shut-down or slower fish species.

Zoc hooks

Along with the jigs, Majorcraft has released 45 variations of the custom-coated assist hooks that come in a vast range of sizes and drop lengths.
All Zoc assist hooks feature the premium epoxy Z-Hard coating, which creates a stronger bond, keeping fish firmly on the hook once they’ve bitten.
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