Mako’s New Grey Lens sunglasses (Product News)

MAKO Eyewear has just released its newest sunglasses lens in the Blade frame: the G0H2.

This grey lens base recipe with a red mirror has been carefully crafted using feedback from customers to deliver an all-round comfortable lens suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities.
The advantage of grey lenses is they accurately and naturally represent the colours usually seen by the naked eye.

Mako's new grey lens 2015

This low colour distortion makes them extremely comfortable over long periods.

The traditional downside of a grey lens is it’s the darkest tint and therefore cuts more light out, sometimes making objects in shadows and low light more difficult to see.
By carefully manipulating the light coming through the lens, that is, the amount of light able to pass or transmit through the filter, and adding its proprietary HD filter, Mako has created a grey lens with no equal.

Comfort, clarity and contrast are maintained, with low colour distortion and a wider active viewing window, meaning more hours of viewing time during the day. Grey lens wearers who found eyesight was somewhat compromised in low light will appreciate the excellent light replication this lens offers.
These durable glass lenses are available now, so visit for more information.

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