Buzz N Frog

McArthy Buzz N Frog

THE McArthy Buzz N Frog will be a massive hit with anglers chasing the ultimate buzz – big bad impoundment barramundi on surface!

Rigged with a weighted worm hook, the Buzz N Frog becomes a deadly barra lure that can be fished on the surface or slightly below.

Designed to be fished in heavy cover such as weed mats, reed banks and lily pads, the Buzz N Frog sends out incredible sonics with its paddle tail legs and ribbed belly.

Rigging couldn’t be easier with a shallow hook channel along the centre line of the lure’s back, guiding the worm hook into perfect rigging position, while the angled and ribbed belly area allows anglers to insert the hook in exactly the right place every time!

At its absolute best fished over the top of heavy weed beds, the Buzz n Frog can easily be fished subsurface by simply slowing down the retrieve.

This is a deadly tactic if big barra are following but not fully committing to the lure.

It’s also a great way to explore the dark nooks and crannies found in lily pad beds where saratoga and barra love to hunt.

At 10cm in total length, the Buzz n Frog is the perfect snack size for other species as well, with mangrove jack, estuary trevally and even Murray cod in duck-weed-covered gorge country rivers all falling to this lure’s charms.

Hand poured in South Africa, McArthy Baits exhibit the finest detail and colouration to match the hatch perfectly or stand out from the crowd.

A brilliant range of traditional soft plastics that have the shapes and action to work on just about anything with fins.


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