mercury 400r carbon edition

Mercury 400R Carbon Edition a feast for the eyes

MERCURY Racing has proudly revealed its 400R Carbon Edition, an exotic high-performance Verado outboard with a stunning cowl sculpted out of lightweight carbon fibre composite.

The Carbon Edition 400R sets the new benchmark when it comes to bold, aggressive visuals, and sits comfortably next to its Phantom Black and Cold Fusion White 400R siblings. Of course, something that looks this good has to be able to back it up, and Mercury Racing’s 400R Carbon can certainly do that. At a staggering 153hp per litre, the 400R is the most powerful consumer outboard ever produced by Mercury and provides the highest power to weight of all other four-stroke outboards in its class. This incredible power and efficiency was achieved through a number of advancements to the proven 2.6-litre Verado platform.

The 400R outboards feature a custom cold-air induction system for improved airflow and power development, while significantly reducing intake noise. A water-cooled supercharger is designed to reduce intake temperatures and significantly increase air density. This enables the engine to generate unprecedented torque and unmatched acceleration all the way from the lower end of the power band up to the 7000rpm maximum.

Electronic knock control enables the engine to safely run on 95-octane fuel (Australian) when the recommended premium 98-octane fuel is not available. Structural upgrades incorporated into the 2.6-litre cylinder block and head ensure classic Verado durability, even at this higher power output. Furthermore, the 400R is the first-ever Verado to feature the race-proven Sport Master gearcase with low water pickups for added performance including boat handling, speed and efficiency. Mercury Racing’s 400R Carbon Edition comes with dual protection – Mercury’s two-year recreational consumer warranty as well as a three-year corrosion warranty.

Contact your Mercury Racing dealer for availability.

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