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Mustad Fishing Gloves

THE Mustad Fishing Gloves are designed to help anglers land fish without damaging their hands.

These are heavy-duty, reinforced gloves designed for offshore fishing, however, in Australia anglers chasing raspy-toothed fish such as flathead and Murray cod will appreciate the build of these gloves.

Specifically designed for handling fish, the fishing gloves feature a flip top on the index finger, Velcro wrist strap and heavy-duty padding in all the right places.

Mustad Casting Glove

The Mustad Casting Glove is a great all-round fishing glove designed to be used while casting big lures on big tackle offshore. A mesh matrix top fits like a second skin and is also highly breathable to allow sweat to evaporate away.
Extra padding has been included in high-stress areas where line and tackle constantly come in contact with the fishing glove.
Able to be used day in and day out, the Mustad Casting Gloves will help you fish safely and securely.

Mustad Sun Gloves

The Mustad Sun Gloves are UPF50+ rated, giving you the best protection from the sun available.
These lightweight gloves feature reinforced grip pads so rods and reel handles are held securely while the thumb, index and middle fingers are cut off to allow for extra tactile feel of your tackle while fishing.
A strong Velcro wrist strap ensures a perfect fit of these brilliant sun-protection gloves.

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