mustad xl jig wallet

Mustad XL Jig Wallet

JIG fishing anglers will love the Mustad XL Jig Wallet, designed to accommodate all your jig fishing needs.

The XL Jig Wallet contains storage pockets constructed from tough mesh to allow the jigs to breathe and dry, yet remain safe in transport and use. There are five extra-large jig slots that will take jigs up to 30cm, 18 jig slots that will take jigs up to 20cm and 12 jig slots for smaller jigs up to 15cm. That’s an astounding 35 jigs that can be carried in one easy-to-use wallet that is easy to store and transport.

The XL Jig Wallet also features a large mesh pocket on the outside to store accessories such as assist hooks, leader and more. If you’re into fishing jigs and having trouble storing them, then the Mustad XL Jig Wallet gives you the answer you’ve been looking for.

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