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Navico launches c-map Embark

c-map embarkNAVICO, the world’s largest manufacturer of marine electronics, recently announced the launch of C-MAP Embark, a nautical navigation app designed to refresh the planning, cruising and fishing experience with a clear aim in mind – to make it simpler.

C-MAP Embark is powered by map data from official hydrographic offices. This data is continuously updated and augmented from thousands of data sources to help complete gaps in coastal and inland water bodies, providing C-MAP Embark users with exceptional clarity where it matters most.

Updated monthly, the maps work across multiple platforms to ensure users always have the most current charts on smartphone, tablet or PC. The charts show all the information needed to navigate safely, while displaying a clean and clear, user-friendly view.

The maps are also designed to be ‘smart’ – adjusting colour and contrast automatically depending on the light, so boaters will always be able to read them clearly. For fishing enthusiasts, C-MAP Embark features a contour mode, which offers a high-resolution bathymetry view, helping users target the best fishing spots.

Navico CTO Sean Fernback said, “With the launch of C-MAP Embark, we have vastly improved the planning and navigation experience of any cruising, sailing or fishing trip.” “By providing users with the right information before, during and after their time on the water, they can be confident in the choices they make and enjoy a more stress-free journey, wherever they decide to go.”

C-MAP Embark maps are intelligently designed to show users the most important information at any given time, so they can discover new places safely and confidently, just like a local.
The app will offer helpful tips and provide information about local marinas, harbours, beaches, shops and much more.

With C-MAP Embark, users can also help other boaters nearby and share exciting new places and routes with friends – simply create a place or a route and press share; it’s that easy. Users travelling to an area without internet or cellular data coverage can upgrade to Premium and download offline maps and weather to stay safe wherever the on-water journey leads.

Planning and tracking can also be synchronised as soon as internet or cellular data is accessed.
C-MAP Embark is now offering users a free two-week trial – available to download today from Google Play and the App Store.

Discover more at lightmarine.c-map.com/mobile/c-map-embark-app

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