Yamaha’s Helm Master EX joystick boat control system

New features for Yamaha’s Helm Master EX joystick boat control system

Yamaha has announced the release of additional features on their game-changing Helm Master EX joystick boat control system – further enhancing the capabilities of this industry-leading technology across single, twin, triple and quad outboard engine applications.

Helm Master EX offers boaters a completely integrated boat control system that makes getting to your fishing spot easier and unprecedented control over your craft once you arrive by using a combination of advanced outboard, digital steering, autopilot and joystick technologies.

Yamaha Marine general manager sales and marketing Jason Harris said, “Since the release of our Helm Master EX system, we have seen unprecedented demand for this cutting-edge technology, especially from fishing enthusiasts who are looking to up their game using the most advanced boating and fishing technologies on the market.”

“We are now taking this technology further with a number of new features and improvements that offer skippers more options and control over their outboard powered vessels,” Jason said.

Real-world customer feedback has formed the basis of the Helm Master EX upgrades.

This is particularly evident in the addition of the new joystick station.

This new configuration allows the fit up of a second joystick control without the requirement of a full steering helm and controls.

This means additional joystick controls can be added away from the helm of the boat and placed in a position convenient to the skipper’s requirements.

The handy pattern-steer functions built into Yamaha’s autopilot system have also been expanded to include two new options in addition to the existing spiral and zig zag patterns.

The skipper can now access Williamson turn and pattern search formations, which return the vessel back to the point where the patterns were activated, delivering more control and operator flexibility.

Yamaha’s digital electronic controls – available in concealed side-mount, single and multi-engine binnacle formats – have been updated to include a dedicated trim assist button.

Trim assist is an existing function that automatically trims the outboard to pre-set levels at chosen engine rpm or speeds to make operating the vessel easier – only available with the full Helm Master EX system.

This function can now be turned on and off at the touch of this button on the control box.

When modifying the set position with any setpoint function using the Helm Master EX joystick, the display will now indicate the total distance requested and the amount of distance remaining during the vessel movement, to better inform the skipper on how much more movement is expected.

In multiple outboard applications, sideways manoeuvring has been enhanced.

The new lateral assist improvements give Helm Master EX the ability to automatically compensate for wind and current, to help maintain the intended heading and direction when moving the boat sideways in joystick mode.

Other new features include the addition of Bennett trim tab position and settings integration into the CL5 gauge for improved information and better boat control.

The software upgrade and features will be available in all Helm Master Ex systems.

Existing Helm Master EX customers who wish to upgrade their software and hardware can do so through their authorised Yamaha Marine dealer.

Helm Master EX is available across all of Yamaha’s digital electronic control outboards from Yamaha’s F150 to the F425 XTO.

To find out more, contact your Yamaha Marine Dealer or yamaha-motor.com.au

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