samurai premium rod blanks

New Samurai Premium blanks

THE raw materials for Samurai rod blanks are sourced from only high-quality graphite suppliers, with each batch tested to ensure it meets Samurai’s exacting standards.

Each blank is cut, rolled and baked to a precise Samurai recipe to ensure the rod produced is of the best quality with an action that suits its intended purpose.Samurai’s focus is solely on creating the ultimate fishing rod blanks unequalled in technology and design, and as such the brand has released a new Premium Series of task-specific blanks covering travel, land based and light jigging. Samurai is continually evolving and now has over 70 blanks available in Australia.


The three and four-piece Travel Series blanks have been designed from the ground up combining Samurai’s technology with the convenience of a blank that can handle being broken into lengths that still maintain a bend through the joins with no flat spots.

This ability creates a blank that is manageable, strong and sensitive. Perfect for custom builds for travelling anglers with limitations on luggage space.

Land Based

The Ledge series of blanks is built for land-based lure casting and will make great land-based bait fishing rods. Samurai has combined an ultra-light blank tuned for land-based fishing with the length to ensure it’s easy to handle while still providing maximum casting distance and fish-fighting ability.

The light, responsive blank is available in six weights covering lighter models for anglers sitting on the side of a river or estuary up to heavier models perfect for chasing tailor, salmon and mulloway.

Light Jigging

Samurai Light Jigging banks are thin, lightweight and strong, making them perfect for the high-use and taxing light jigging style. The blanks have a parabolic curve throughout the length, with a soft tip to deliver the most precise lure movement, yet down low are still strong and have the power to land large fish.

The tuned blank is available in many recommended jig weights to cover a wide range of jigging styles and depths.


A series of blanks that are 5’9” in length, making them shorter and tougher than most rods.
They are perfectly weighted for casting larger lures often found in cod and barra fishing situations.

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