shimano nexave reel

New Shimano Nexave reel line-up

THE Shimano Nexave spin reels represent great value for money for an entry-level series, perfect for newcomers and kids who need the right start in fishing.

There are five models in this new FE series, from 1000 through to C5000 sizes, with the 3000 HGFE and the 5000 HGFE being of compact body design. The cold forged aluminium spool with AR-C lip promotes longer casting without wind knots and smooth transmission through the stripper guide, which is important when using fine-diameter braided lines such as Power Pro.

Varispeed II assists in this regard because it ensures line lay on the spool is neat and even. An XT-7 body keeps weight down, while three shielded stainless steel ball bearings and one roller bearing make winding the single-piece aluminium handle as effortless as can be, whether retrieving or hooked up.

Nexave gear ratios range from 5.0:1 through to 6.2:1 depending on the model, and drag power ranges from 3kg in the 1000 size up to 8.5kg in the 3000, 4000 and 5000.

And despite all these features, the prices of the new Nexave reels will come as a pleasant surprise.

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