Glass covered piano black front panel with easy to press keys and robust RotoKey.

New TruEcho Chirp fish finders

Boost your fish finding success with the new Furuno FCV-600 and FCV-800 TruEcho Chirp and Continuous Wave fish finders.

These two brand-new stand-alone fish finders sporting the latest fish-finding technology, with easy-to-use controls, high-bright sunlight display and a choice of TruEcho Chirp or traditional CW pulse technology, offer the best of both worlds.

Feature packed with technology that interprets the echoes, seabed and fish targets in clear high-definition colours, ensuring you won’t miss the fish or the most productive fishing grounds.

By combining Chirp and traditional CW transducers, you’ll see crisp Chirp echoes on the screen while the ‘Accu-Fish’ and ‘Bottom Discrimination’ functions from your CW transducer work in the background, overlaying important information on your Chirp returns.

You will be able to see fish targets, fish size assessment, fish depth and bottom composition.

Up to three frequencies can be saved as preset selections.

Heave Correction in very shallow water (SCX-20 input).

Heave Correction with satellite compass

The ‘Heave Correction’ function has been a must-have feature with Furuno’s commercial fish finders – such as the FCV-1150 and FCV-1900 – but now this useful feature is available with the compact stand-alone FCV-600 and FCV-800 models.

Particularly now that the compact satellite compass, Furuno SCX-20 (NMEA2000) and SCX-21 (NMEA0183) are available at affordable pricing.

Heave Correction can now be easily offered to smaller boats.

TruEcho Chirp

Operates across a wide range of frequencies using a broadband transducer for better signal clarity and target definition.

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