TT DemonZ Jig Head

Match the hatch or stand out from the school.

TT DemonZ jig heads are hand-painted with realistic 3D eyes, allowing you to match the hatch or stand out from the school.

DemonZ are built on quality Gamakatsu chemically sharpened black nickel hooks and feature the AFTA award winning ‘head lock’ grub keeper, designed to lock your soft plastic in place.

The colour range has been customised by our pro team to match popular soft plastic colours, along with baitfish that commonly inhabit our freshwater and saltwater systems.

DemonZ are the ultimate jig head for light line sportfishing, targeting species such as bream, bass, flathead, redfin and golden perch.

Available in seven colours – Golden Boy, Green, Purple Minnow, Red Nightmare, Pearl, Chartreuse and Pink – and eight size combinations of 1/6oz 1H, 1/6oz 1/0H, 1/4oz 1H, 1/4oz 1/0H, 1/4oz 2/0H, 1/4oz 3/0H, 3/8oz 2/0H and 3/8oz 3/0H.

TT Lures, Australia’s favourite jigheads, are now turning up in angler’s tackle trays around the world due to their innovative designs, comprehensive range, use of the world’s premium Gamakatsu and Mustad hooks, and because they are designed by anglers, with feedback from anglers, to suit the day to day fishing requirements of the most passionate anglers.

Whether finesse fishing with a TT HWS, HeadlockZ Finesse or Tournament Series jighead, stopping offshore beasts with a TT HeadlockZ HD, Head Hunter Extreme or Tournament Series XHD jighead, or fishing the gnarliest of snags with weedless options that include the ChinlockZ, ChinlockZ SWS and Snake Head jigheads, TT Lures has over 500 hook, weight and model combinations to ensure that regardless of species, location or technique we will get you hooked up!


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