NosiLife Angler Repels the Elements

PROTECTING yourself from the elements is one of the most important things to consider when in the great outdoors.

From the beating UV rays of the sun to the unknown repercussions of a bug bite, nature can be as dangerous as it is beautiful.

Fortunately, modern outfitter Craghoppers has you covered on both fronts.


Available as a long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt, the NosiLife Angler Shirt is a must-have for avid fishers, hikers and explorers of all ages.

Whether you’re walking along a riverbank in Thailand, fishing on a beach in far north Queensland or hiking through dense Peruvian jungle, this shirt will help keep the sun off your skin and biting insects at bay.

Featuring the patented NosiLife insect repellent woven into the fabric, you won’t need to worry about biting bugs.

NosiLife is a breakthrough technology in textile innovation that weaves permethrin – a synthetic insecticide – into the fabric itself, meaning it will keep bugs away no matter how many times you put it through the wash.

Specially tested in dozens of labs and conditions around the world, the NosiLife technology is also non-toxic so it won’t lead to any adverse reactions with your skin.

However, insects aren’t your only worry in the outdoors: the ever-diminishing ozone layer poses a very dangerous threat to your skin.

Luckily the Angler Shirt is also fitted with SolarShield, which is tried and tested to provide up to UPF 40+ protection from UV rays.

Angler Shirts also have vented back and underarm gussets for heat expulsion and to help keep you cool and sweat at bay in the most humid environments.

The stylish shirts are also fitted with multiple pockets to enable easy storage of your essentials while you go hands-free, as well as a hidden zipped security pocket and a buttoned sleeve pocket to ensure your valuables stay safe and secure.

The Short-Sleeved Angler Shirt has a RRP of $109.99 while the long-sleeved model has a RRP of $119.99.

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