Ocean Craft Walkaround Cabin Ultra Deep Vee

TECHNICAL specifications released recently identify the new-generation Ocean Craft Walkaround Cabin Ultra Deep Vee as the deepest-vee planing monohull in its class, with a 30-degree deadrise and the outstanding fuel efficiency of Ocean Craft’s Posi Lift Hull.

The impressive technical details present an offshore rig that is set to lead the market in the 4.2-7.6m class. In redesigning the Ultra Deep Vee, Ocean Craft’s engineers have successfully created an adventure safety boat that is compact, lightweight and fuel efficient. Its sleek and innovative design means that at only 750kg, the Ocean Craft 6000 Caloundra Class Walkaround Cabin is the lightest 6m rig in its class.

ocean craft

ocean craft

On the outside, Ocean Craft’s engineers have designed an all-new planing monohull that is a trimaran at rest, an outrigger when turning and yet looks like and remains an inflatable boat that actually retains its pneumatic properties. This has been combined with Ocean Craft’s Delayed Lift Hull, which enables the boat to tackle wind and waves head-on and allows top-level all-weather performance while using less fuel, meaning you can go further, faster to catch more fish.

With Ocean Craft leading the way once again, the new-generation Walkaround Cabin Ultra Deep Vee also features phenomenal buoyancy and stability, with a low-friction, economical and smooth-riding Posi Lift Hull that is safe, lightweight and fast. This is the first time this advanced feature has been offered across the entire range of Ocean Craft boats from 2.6-7.6m.

Another key feature of the new all-aluminium Ultra Deep Vee Hull is a lifetime unsinkable warranty – use the valve and inspection bung for each airtight and watertight buoyancy section and do the checks. Ocean Craft guarantees your boat will never sink. With sponsons coming into effect off the plane, the boat’s draught remains shallower than competitors at rest and the ride is a lot softer when planing.

Combined with inflatable pneumatic properties with less vibration and wear on ‘landing’ (such as when wave jumping), Ocean Crafts outperform all other hulls, with 33-50 percent less friction than a monohull, outrigger, trimaran, catamaran or cathedral hull. All this technology ensures the Ocean Craft Ultra Deep Vee delivers an excellent power-to-weight ratio for trailering and towing.

It also gets up on the plane faster and stays on it longer, with outrigger stability when turning, to achieve the perfect balance of efficient operation and top-end performance.

For more information on Ocean Craft’s line-up of 2.6-7.6m adventure safety boats, please visit oceancraft.com.au

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