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Rob capped his holiday off on Thursday morning, though, when he pulled in this 158cm Spanish mackerel on his jet ski. Photo:

Offshore from Noosa the local reefs don’t disappoint

The last week of Feb certainly turned on a mixed bag of weather for the coast. From cold mornings to humid afternoons and thunderstorms we have had it all. The rivers are running darker than previous weeks and as such there was a flurry of fish biting hard.

Offshore from Noosa the local reefs were the most accessible due to the wind and swell but didn’t disappoint. Sunshine featured grassy sweetlip and coral trout and long with tusk fish and a few pearl perch. There was of course a few big lone Spanish mackerel in the mix hitting bit trolled dead baits. Come in and see the boys and see how we rig the big bonito for best results. This time of year where the waters are dirty slow jigging works very well. Slow fall jigs and soft vibes work a treat especially on smaller snapper and sweetlip. Cobia are also present and will jump on slower moving lures.

Out wider offshore from Noosa, North reef was a bit lumpy but provided anglers with a few longtail, cobia, pearlies, tuskies and cod. Deep dropping twin bait rigs or paternosters was order for the day there. The pelagics are definitely following the bait inshore, so if you are after one stay in closer offshore from Noosa this week.

For Noosa reef fishing tips, click here!

The Noosa River has certainly fired up this week with mangrove jacks on the menu. These fish are making their presence known throughout the estuary. The main focus has been around the lower part from the Marina down and around Munna Point Bridge. Live baits are great during dirty water times so come in and sharpen your cast net throwing skills if you need help. Around Noosa a drawstring is popular due to the rocks so ask to see one of these if you don’t know about them. If you like to throw lures hen 4” paddle tail plastics like the Zman Swimmerz are deadly in red shad colour. If throwing around structure ask us how to rig weedless hooks so you don’t get snagged up.

Flatties are also in great numbers with plenty of better 50-60cm sized fish. They have been taking everything from gang hooked whitebait to slow trolled deep divers and soft plastics hopped along the bottom. Soft vibes really call up flatties and the Berkley Shimma fork is one such bait that won’t break the bank so check out the range.

Lastly mud rabs are still getting caught in solid numbers due to the rains. While the river is pumping flood waters out muddies will be on the move. Remember the current QLD rules of 7 males per person and not 10. If you need pots, floats and pot markers check out our limited super deal on everything you need to get started.

The freshwater impoundments are still flooding and the creeks are flowing hard. Lake MacDonald has a lot of dirty water coming in and the fish have been hard to find. They are tending to be in deeper waters around structure or dense weed beds. Turn sounders on and move around with a deep diving lure out the back. Staying in the open will keep you away from the Cabomba which hiders a lot of edge fishing. While we are on this topic please ensure you remove any trapped in trailers after launching/retrieving your boat. This weed is highly evasive and we would not like to see it spread to other waterways.

Borumba is also rather quiet and the bass are sitting in deeper waters. This is the time to try deeper running lures like blades, vibes and jig spinners. Give the Bassman and Hot Bite spinner baits a try as the vibration will certainly attract fish sitting in dirtier waters. On a positive note the levels are back to normal so old tracks can be followed, especially at Borumba.

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