fishing starting to settle bundaberg
Liam Duffy with the nice mangrove jack he caught in the Burnett River recently.

Things starting to settle and fishing improving at Bundy

fishing starting to settle bundaberg
Paddy O’Donnell with the cracker mud crab he caught recently in the Burnett River.


With the amount of rain we’ve had around the Bundaberg area over the past month, things are starting to settle down and the inshore fishing has really improved.  There has been plenty of bait around the inshore reefs which, in turn has sent the pelagics into a feeding frenzy.  Trolling large-sized diving lures will pick you up a spanish or two.  Having the pilchard as a floater out the back while bottom-bashing will do the job also.  If you come across any birds working, casting out a slug or a Flasha lure should pick up a feed of schoolie mackerel.


As the rain has slowed down over the past week and the salt is pushing back up the rivers, bait will start moving back through the system and fire up those predatory fish like mangrove jack and barramundi.  Setting out a live bait like a sprat or poddy mullet will certainly get these species excited.  If you can’t get live bait, then a large sized prawn or slab of mullet will also do the job.

If you like a good feed of crabs then definitely throw the crab pots in.  Good reports of good-sized bucks are coming in from all rivers.  Remember – the new laws on possession is seven (7) crabs per person and fourteen (14) per boat.  Good reports of flathead and grunter are also coming from the river.  Using 3” to 4” soft plastics and drifting through the deeper holes and over drop-offs has been working well.  When chasing these two species cast your lure as far up current as possible and allow it to sink to the bottom using a hopping method.  Repeat all the way back to the boat.  Hopefully, this technique will get you a feed.


Put the crab pots in!  The Kolan and the Baffle have been crabbing really well.  With the amount of fresh that has gone into both of these systems, things should start to settle down and the bait should move back in and liven things up.  When moving through the river and creek remember to find the bait and you will find the predatory fish.  Throw your cast net in to catch your live bait and in the same area, fishing with a lightly-weighted sinker with a live sprat should pick you up a good feed of mangrove jack or barramundi.


With the amount of water that has gone into Lake Monduran in the past month the water level has finally stabilised and the fishing is improving.  With most of the weed having died off from the water level dropping, and with the shallows being bit warm, most fish are being caught either on the troll or by casting to the tops of trees in deeper water.  Jackall Squirrels and larger soft plastics have been the go-to lures.  If trolling, Classic lures have been the pick.

Keep on casting

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