pelican elite coolers 80qt

Pelican Elite Coolers deliver exceptional quality

PELICAN Products has protected defence, emergency and scientific expedition equipment through some of the harshest conditions on earth since 1976.

This same premium-quality DNA is now available to you in Pelican Elite Coolers. Made in the US, the new Elite 50QT and 80QT Coolers are built to the highest standards and are, without a doubt, a cut above the rest. The Pelican 80QT is resilient to whatever life throws at it, and corrosion-resistant stainless steel hardware, ultra-tough handles and heavy-duty wheels will see your new cooler in action for many years to come. In fact, all Pelican Elite Coolers are guaranteed for life.

Despite being the smaller of the two, the 50QT is no less impressive. From the latches to the freezer-grade seal, the toughest handles in the business, the really clever features such as a graduated floor for draining and the moulded-in tie-down points, every part is engineered to Pelican’s extreme durability and performance standards. The brand-new 50QT Elite Cooler also comes in a range of exciting colour combinations to further set it apart from the rest.

Thanks to a freezer-grade gasket and seal, as well as a 2” polyurethane insulation system, the impressive Pelican 50QT and 80QT coolers – like the entire Elite Cooler range – boast up to 10 days of ice retention so you don’t have to worry about luke-warm beverages ever again. Not just good at keeping things cold, the Elite 50QT and 80QT Coolers are easy to operate too. Simply press and pull to open and close. Even if you’re wearing thick gloves, these coolers are a dream to use and you’ve got no need to worry about bungy cords breaking or rubber latches perishing.

pelican elite coolers 50qt

pelican elite coolers 50qt

pelican elite coolers

The 80QT is bursting with features to make your life easier, including a bottle opener and built-in extendable trolley handle with additional moulded-in handles. Even when fully loaded, this cooler is effortless to manoeuvre thanks to the ‘built for life’ ultra-rugged wheel system. There’s even an integrated fish-measuring scale on the lid for those looking to wet a line under the Australian sun.

The 50QT and the 80QT Elite Coolers are truly the new benchmark in cooler excellence. No matter your choice, Pelican has crafted these units to stand the tests of nature, punishment and time.

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