A nice low-tide whiting gutter.

Planning a K’gari Fraser trip

K’gari – meaning ‘paradise’ and previously known as Fraser Island – is rightfully known as a beach-fishing mecca. Planning a K’gari Fraser trip

Though it is so much more than that. Planning a K’gari Fraser trip

The sand-flats fishing on the western side, and at times the fishing at Sandy Cape, is very hard to beat for quantity and quality of a variety of fish year-round.

Add to that the natural beauty of the place and the freedom to drive along much of this beach and it truly is a very special place for anglers.

Planning a K’gari Fraser trip
A graphite rod and reel along with a bibless lure for tailor spinning.


It is for these reasons and more that my friends, brothers and I have been fishing the island for 26 years now.

We have learnt plenty about the island’s fishing in that time and for the past decade have reported on our trips and tips through my Facebook page ‘Ontour Fishing Australia’, as well as through this magazine.

So, this month I thought I’d share some tips on what you can catch and when, what to take, and how and where to fish when you are there.

Planning a K’gari Fraser trip
A beautiful flathead caught on a small soft plastic lure prior to release.


Time of year
While K’gari fishes well year around, there are definitely a couple of seasons that are better than others, depending on the fish you’re chasing.

For the dedicated beach angler, tailor fishing is at its best from late July through to early October.

The timing of the schools varies a little year to year, though smaller schools can arrive as early as late May at the southern end of the beach from North Point through to around Yidney Rocks.

Though June and certainly July are better months if you’re keen to chase them and can’t make the peak times.

Tailor schools tend to thin out later in the season, however the quality improves into September particularly, into October and even November.

For those chasing whiting off the main beach, whiting fishing is best around May to June.

You can pick up some thumpers during this time.

Planning a K’gari Fraser trip
A chopper tailor caught on the author’s preferred choice of Tru Turn gang hooks.


Bream and tarwhine as well as the mighty mulloway are also best targeted in cooler months, with June to September ideal.

Dart – for those who don’t mind chasing them – are available year-round but can be a pest to anglers chasing whiting during the middle of the day in tailor season.

For rock anglers – given the main rock-fishing destinations of Indian Head (also known as Tukkee) and Waddy Point are off limits due to tailor spawning in August and

September October can see some great albeit rather crowded fishing, as anglers chase bigger tailor, the occasional pelagic and the usual rock species.

I’ve also had great mixed-bag fishing of drummer, bream, dart and even a few tailor in January off the rocks at Indian Head too.

For sand-flats anglers, whiting reach their peak in August September on the western side and far southern – Hook Point – and northern – Sandy Cape – ends of the island.

Flathead have a slightly longer peak season, coinciding with cooler water from late June to September.


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