platypus super-100

Platypus Super-100 now in 40lb and 50lb

PLATYPUS Super-100 is still the thinnest diameter to strength monofilament on the market, even though it was released over 18 years ago.

Initially released to celebrate Platypus Lines’ 100th year in business (the company was established in 1898), the line continues to have a reputation as the only choice for serious anglers, both as main line and leader. Super-100 is crafted using a new grade of nylon multi-polymer raw material and a revolutionary manufacturing process.

These advancements allow the outer skin to be tough while the core remains supple and flexible. A new advanced coating is also applied to the line for added abrasion resistance. Platypus is 100 percent Australian manufactured, owned and operated. In fact, Platypus is still produced by the fourth generation of the family that started the business in 1898. Platypus is a truly Australian icon.

Super-100 is now available in breaking strains from 4lb (0.15mm) to 50lb (0.55mm). For more information, visit

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