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Prawns and Crabs Running After Recent Rains

After the recent rains the local prawn population has really come to life, paired with a new moon from the past week the Noosa River is an influx of tasty little crustaceans!

Now if you’re chasing prawns for the table or simply want to target big fish then you need to go out for them after dark. When the sun goes down and the moon rises these tasty little critters come out and about. There are many different way to go prawning with the best way being with a cast net. A ten foot 1” mesh top pocket cast net is ideal the reason behind the top pocket in the net is because prawns always flick back and up in fright into the top pocket of the net.

Crabbing also benefits from rain, as it can really get them on the move after a decent downpour what you’ll find is crabs will often move to the cleaner what or seek refuge in the deeper holes. Fresh bait work best for mud crabs such as whole mullet and or fresh fish frames. Remember the rules with crabbing that you can only take four pots per person per boat and that all your pots and floats (must be six inches in diameter) and must have your name and address clearly written on both the float and the pot.

Mangrove jack and trevally have been on the bite after dark with dark plastics and bigger strips baits working well. Between the Lakes has been fishing very well of late as the majority of baitfish and prawns have been flushed downriver. Surface fishing around the back of the sound has been paying off with anglers getting good results on trevally, the Jackson range of poppers and surface walker have proved to be extremely successful.

On the beaches; Noosa’s Northshore has had plenty of activity, with quality whiting, bream, flathead and dart all on the bite. Putting in the time to find a decent gutter has been really beneficial to anglers.

Offshore; for those that have been able to make a run outside, North Reef has been fishing well with jew, cobia, sweetlip and snapper on the bite. We should start to see the first of the pelagics show up with plenty of baitfish holding in the area.

For any questions pop in and see the friendly staff at Davos’s Tackleworld in Noosa or Davo’s Northshore at Marcoola for any further advice on rods, reels and necessary tackle.

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