What questions to ask when buying a boat

Here’s a few pointers on some things to think about when buying a boat, particularly at one of the many boat shows held throughout Australia each year.

  1. Have a clear plan on what you want to do with your new boat and what it has to do.
  2. Get permission from your partner or bring them to the show. They may let you get a bigger boat!
  3. If you are trading in your old boat, bring plenty of photos and make sure the new one will fit in the same garage spot.
  4. Take a tape measure – don’t trust the numbers on the side of the boat. Measure everything!
  5. Talk to multiple people from the same dealership and get the full story. There are no silly questions.
  6. Warranty is everything. The longer the better as it represents the build quality of the boat, motor or trailer.
  7. If possible, buy the exact boat you are looking at, not just a boat that looks like it.
  8. Don’t overlook the trailer. Check your trailer has brakes and is Australian made.
  9. A quality trailer has a walkway, is self-centring and has a spare wheel.
  10. Don’t buy a gutless underpowered boat. Get a guarantee that the boat will perform to a standard, not a price.
  11. Make sure the boat has an Australian Builders Plate, is foam filled and meets Australian standards.
  12. Is the price quoted an on water and ready to go price?
  13. Is the level of safety gear enough for what you and your family want to do with the boat?
  14. When in doubt, talk to Brisbane Marine and the team will set you straight.

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