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Quintrex releases seven new Top Ender Pro models

AUSTRALIA’S premium open boat just got better with the release of the Quintrex Top Ender Pro.

The Top Ender Pro is offered in seven sizes, 430, 450, 481, 500, 520 and 540, with maximum capacities of five people, while the 590 has a max capacity of six people. Designed to meet Australian marine requirements, the Top Ender Pros have horsepower ratings of 60hp, 75hp, 90hp, 90hp, 115hp, 140hp and 150hp respectively.

Maintaining tradition, the new models will feature the current Blade Hull with a new and improved Flared Bow. The stretch-formed aluminium side sheets have more curve that will run further down the length of the boat to deflect more spray away from passengers.

The range introduces the 430 Top Ender Pro, a smaller, more versatile boat never seen before. This vessel will have the same pod transom as other models while being more compact. Quintrex is the leader in Australian boat manufacturing and able to offer advantages to customers because of its stretch-forming capabilities.

It’s a unique experience exclusive to aluminium and exclusive to Quintrex. To give fishos the most fishable space, the Top Ender Pro range will be equipped in a side-console configuration. For the fanatic fisho, the Top Ender Pro has heaps of underfloor storage for all kinds of tackle, Eskies and the catch of the day.

In the front casting platform, customers can choose to have the standard storage or opt for a live well to make it a true tournament sportfishing boat. The Top Ender Pro comes standard with features that really matter, such as a marine VHF radio, rear ladder, four rod holders, three seats and a five-year warranty. Taking this one step further, the Top Ender Pros can have options added, such as a berley bucket, cutting board, twin battery system for electric motors, lockable rod storage and upgraded seats.

Quintrex, boating made easy since 1945.


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