Rivers the option while swell settles on Sunny Coast

Well unless we can invent a new sport of tow in fishing it’s going to be a very quiet few days ahead. With cyclone Oma bringing big swell, backed up tides and storm force winds the river is going to be one of a couple of options.

Prior to the storm, offshore was really starting to fire up with the upcoming full moon. Some great 7-12KG Spanish coming from Sunshine reef caught on drifted gang hooked pilchards and slow trolled live baits. Also catching them were smaller deep or double deep diving minnows in the 140mm range. When trolling take a look at single strand wire to prevent bite offs. Be sure you use only the smallest swivels to prevent big bubble trails. If you need help using wire ask us how to show you. Along with the Spanish Macks there were some quality parrot and pearlies and some estuary cod and chunky coral trout. These fish all coming off the bottom on chunk and slab baits. While its windy check out Chicko’s reef rig for the best reef fishing rig.

North reef was also a popular destination for bigger pearlies, tusk fish, gold spot and maori cod. The Spanish weren’t as thick as Sunshine Reef but there were a few longtail tuna and some bite offs reported. Other than that pretty quiet so let’s hope we don’t get too much rain and the water stays clear. Expect the fishing to really fire when this swell has passed. For the meantime check your EPIRB, V-Sheet, Lifejackets and flairs are all compliant and if you need help pop into Davos Boating for a top up on gear.

Surf fishing is definitely out but you can expect some big changes in the sand and gutters when the swell dies down. Expect all points to have a lot more exposed reef and the big fish to be in hunting mode. Come and check out our range of heavier surf fishing gear to help land a big jewfish that will be on the hunt.

The estuary will be experiencing some huge tides this week and that will wash a lot of smaller baitfish and prawns down. Expect the bigger predatory fish to be on the prowl during slack/ lower flow tide times. It will be hard to pick slack water but 1 ½-2hrs on top of stated tide times would be a great start. You may not experience slack water but there will be a turn. Expect to find big flathead, Jacks and maybe a pack of hungry GT making the most of the baitfish that get washed into the estuary. Woods bay would be a safer option away from the current and you may find a spot with the wind at your back. Don’t be afraid to throw bigger paddle tail plastics like Entice paddler on heavier jigheads between 3/8th and 3/4oz with 3/0 hooks for the attention of the big fish. With more sand suspended in the water you can fish heavier leaders up to and over 20lb.

Take a look at the range from YGK which are a premium Japanese fluorocarbon and do the job perfectly. Weyba bridge is another spot protected when the wind has East in it. If bait fishing then you will have to get out of the main river flow and still add a bit of extra weight to help feel your line. Try using lighter lines or flatter surf sinkers so your bait remains a bit more stationary. Crabs will be on the prowl so break out your pots and grab some mullet heads. When placing pots do not put them in the boating channel and be sure to tie them down as they will move. You are best to add some extra weight like some 16oz deep drop sinkers and use a thin rope so you get less drag. When the rains come it would be best to have your pots ready and waiting.

Freshwater was a little quieter due to the winds, however some big toga were captured early in the week out of both areas. If heading out then you may find a sheltered spot in Mac Donald or Borumba but it can be hard as Borumba has deep valleys that push the wind around. Once on the water hardbodies and spinnerbaits would be the best option as surface will be out of action. Look for woody points to cast at and work your lures out into deeper water.

Now for all the  latest information log onto for up to date bar and fishing reports, don’t forget to drop into Davo’s Tackle World, Davo’s Boating and Outdoor in Noosa and  Davo’s Northshore Bait & Tackle at Marcoola for all the right equipment, bait and advice to get you catching. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and remember Tight Lines and Bent Spines!

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