rod armour protects your rods

Rod Armour protects your rods

rod armour protects your rodsTRANSPORTING fishing rods can be a challenging task.

High-quality graphite rods are susceptible to scratches, nicks and bumps, which can cause the rod to break under load.  At Rod Armour, we aim to rectify this issue with an affordable and effective solution. We give our customers peace of mind that their quality fishing rods are protected.

We feel everyone’s rods are worth protecting. Any angler is heartbroken with the breakage of a good rod, whether it’s in the car, bouncing along in the boat or having been previously nicked and breaking under pressure. These things are unfortunate consequences of fishing, and they take a toll on the back pocket, making our beloved sport expensive and sometimes a hassle.

All things considered, a lightweight, effectively weaved, durable and slick rod cover presents a viable and cost-efficient solution for the problems we face. A new Rod Armour customer explained his previous anger and frustration at buying a new $350 rod and then having it break within the first week of ownership due to the constant bashing of waves on a rough day in his tinnie.

He was devastated to say the least, and after this experience went straight to us to buy a Rod Armour cover. This is our aim and overall ambition: to limit rod breakages with a cheap and affordable solution.  You can have faith knowing your rods are protected and the peace of mind that you have done everything to protect your beloved rod.

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