Samaki Hardlicious 95mm

The Samaki Hardlicious is a lure that changes the game, with its innovative hard design that has the whole industry taking notice.

In over three years of development, Samaki’s lure designers have studied the action and performance of existing vibe lures – including their already proven Vibelicious model – to understand further how performance in vibes can be improved and what fish respond to.

With this knowledge in hand, they set out to design a new hard-bodied vibe that would offer even more appeal to fish, while maintaining all the key attributes that make vibes so effective.

The result is the new Samaki Hardlicious, a next-generation hard vibe set to revolutionise how we fish vibe lures.

The Hardlicious features a soft tail that generates more vibration and action through the water, making it more irresistible to fish.

The hard-body features an air pocket that slows the lure down on the descent, giving shut-down fish more of a chance to hit it on the drop.

The Samaki team is confident that the Hardlicious will be a big success with Australian anglers, and we agree.

The Hardlicious has been designed for fresh and saltwater fishing and performs exceptionally well in both environments.


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