shimano stella fj spin reels

Shimano Stella FJ spin reel

IT might seem like only yesterday, but it’s actually been 26 years since the first Shimano Stella spin reels hit the market.

Since then, we’ve seen massive improvements with each technical makeover they have received, and that tradition continues with the latest release, the FJ series. It’s hard to know where to start, given that so much technology has been incorporated into this fantastic upgrade, but let’s look at MicroModule II first. A unique gear teeth surface design makes the FJ Stella reels even smoother and quieter than their predecessors, and with the improved Hagane Gear driving the show, they’re now twice as strong and durable as the FI models they succeeded.

The new Long Stroke AR-C spool increases casting distance, and the line clip has been improved so light leaders aren’t damaged during storage. The Tangle-Proof Rotor design means errant strands of braid can’t hang up anywhere either. SilentDrive reduces handle play and eliminates the clicking noise and feeling from the worm shaft when winding, delivering a silky-smooth experience.

Saltwater use is not an issue, with EI Surface Treatment protecting the exterior, while the X Protect labyrinth system keeps water and dirt at bay in key areas such as the line roller and roller clutch, making the FJs durable for years to come. And as you’d expect in a flagship reel like this, al l these advancements are housed in a Hagane Body with 12 SA-RB bearings and one roller bearing, utilising an X-Ship bearing-supported pinion gear plus a G-Free Body where the centre of gravity is closer to the rod for increased winding comfort.

With five reels in the Stella FJ line-up, from the 1000 FJ right through to the C5000XG FJ, drag power from the Rigid Support Drag ranging from 3-11kg and gear ratios from 5.1:1 to 6.4:1, discerning anglers will be itching to get their hands on these beauties.

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