shimano tiagra ultra rods

Shimano Tiagra Ultra rods

GAME fishers are a discerning bunch who recognise that the equipment they use needs to be up to the challenge of prolonged fights with exceptionally large fish that generally have lots of stamina.

This is why the new Shimano Tiagra Ultra series is proving so popular, especially with increasing numbers of bluewater anglers using braided line such as Power Pro Hollow-Ace in conjunction with a mono topshot. Factory built, but with that custom rod style, the componentry on the Tiagra Ultra series is first class: braid-friendly Alps RX guides, Winn foregrips for comfort and grip and either detachable Pacific Bay Channel Lock straight carbon or curved butts depending on the model.

The blanks all this wizardry sit on though is where the action begins: Biofibre High Pressure Carbon 300 blanks across five line classes from 10-15kg to 24-37kg, with sweet, smooth parabolic actions. This is just what you need when fishing braided line for marlin, tuna, swordfish and sharks. Match one of these beauties up with a Talica overhead and enjoy all the advantages braided line brings to game fishing.

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