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Simrad Active Imaging Elevates GO series with superior scanning-sonar quality

simrad active imagingANNOUNCING Simrad Active Imaging Sonar – advanced new scanning-sonar technology that provides incredibly detailed, high-resolution imaging without sacrificing range.

Replacing Simrad TotalScan transducers currently available with GO series displays, Active Imaging redefines what an angler can expect from sonar. Active Imaging Sonar provides incredibly clear views of fish-holding structure and cover with all-new levels of refined detail at a range unmatched by any other structure-imaging technology.

Available in two models – 3-in-1 and standalone – Simrad Active Imaging 3-in-1 combines scanning-sonar with a traditional medium/high CHIRP sonar element for easy single-transducer installation, while the standalone transducer is designed for install alongside a separate CHIRP sonar transducer. Navico Group CEO Leif Ottosson said, “Other high-frequency sonar imaging solutions provide an enhanced view of structure below and to the sides of the boat, but the scanning range is significantly limited.”

“Our Active Imaging provides the industry’s highest-quality images while still delivering views of up to 90m to the left and right of a boat – offering unparalleled information with one powerful scan. We also designed it as a seamless transition for our GO Series of displays, making it simple for our current customers to take advantage of. We’re excited about the elevated experience Active Imaging will bring to anglers on the water – helping them find more fish.”

There is no compromise on high-resolution detail whether anglers are operating at 800kHz or 455kHz frequencies. It provides clear and precise views of structure, fish and bottom composition at distances up to 90m from either side of a boat. Incredibly easy to use, there is no need to change frequencies while fishing – anglers can see where they should be fishing instead of just the immediate area around the boat at a set frequency.

The Simrad Active Imaging 3-in-1 transducer will be bundled with Simrad’s best-selling Simrad GO series displays, beginning November 2018.

Both Active Imaging standalone and 3-in-1 transducers can be bought separately for $275 and $350 (RRP), respectively. To learn more about the entire line of high-performance Simrad marine electronics, please visit

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