Moreton Bay winter species
Simon caught this nice southern bay snapper on a Mustad Mezashi Z-Tail Minnow.

Solid snapper and flatty sessions

WELL, it’s been a long time since I wrote my last article. Moreton Bay winter species

I’ve been writing articles for a fair few years now and I’ve never seen a year quite like this one.

So, for that reason I haven’t written anything – simply because with all the rain, wind and poor water quality, for the first five months of the year I didn’t get out on the water unfortunately.

As soon as the weather settled, the rain went away and the water cleaned up, obviously we were straight back out and getting a few clients on the water chasing several of our southern Moreton Bay winter species.

I do have to say, the first day back was a dead-set cracker.

So that’ll be my story for the month.

Yes, basically other than me going out to have a look at water quality, there has been no real fishing.


Moreton Bay winter species
In the coming months, let’s hope there are plenty more like this nice 70cm flathead, released to fight another day.


This was our first trip out on the water since before Christmas, and coincidentally the trip I did then was with the same clients.

Simon and Rebecca have been regulars for the past 10 or more years.

A lot of things have to coincide to make a trip like this happen.

One is many years spent on the water fishing the same areas. Moreton Bay winter species

I believe that when you catch fish in a certain spot, they will keep coming back to that area each year with the right conditions.

Yes, we do have cycles but, on average, areas that hold fish will always hold fish.

So, I tend to have a lot of marks in the sounder and try to remember things.

If you can’t remember, a diary to write things down about your fishing trips is handy.

At certain times during the year, I will go back to those marks and check to see if fish are there.

The second thing is that, with over five months of poor conditions, there hasn’t been a lot of fishing pressure, which helps too.

So, with it being rather cold, I picked Simon and Rebecca up at a leisurely 8am – nothing too early – and went to the first location, where at that time of year there should be a few squire or snapper around.


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