Stanage Bay Fishing Report

Howdy all visitors to Stanage Bay and surrounding areas.

The road into Stanage Bay has been graded and when I last travelled over the road  two days ago it was in highway condition. 

The potholes were all gone, so too  the corrugations. Many thanks to the Livingstone Shire councillor Glenda and the road team for making the road a pleasure to travel again. 

However, and yes there is a however:  Slow  Down, there is loose gravel, cattle and wildlife, and like a lot of country roads it is mostly unfenced.

The Estuary:  with  no rain to flush the flats, creeks and mangroves  the fish and crabs have been quite daring and defiant, in not taking most baits and lures presented to them. 

For the regular visitors to Stanage, Thirsty Sound has been kind to them, still giving them a good feed of muddies, bream and salmon.

The Islands and Reef:  Whilst the last window of good weather produced nice catches of most reefies for the fishermen who  know if you are bottom bashing, then make sure you have enough line out and lead on to hit and stay in the bottom. 

The calm patch of weather prior the last lot, showered the iceboxes and Eskies with coral and coastal trout, not so much last window.

The weather was calm enough today, and a few boats went out and got flaming big coral trout and spanish mackerel, however they haven’t sent me any pics unfortunately.

Email me or phone me 0749373145 and I will try and help you decide whether you should stay home and watch the TV (land whaling ) or flex your muscles and go fishing.

Until next time,

Keep those rods bent.

Von Ireland





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