Stanage Bay local fishing report

Welcome to Stanage Bay, the Marble, Hexham, Cannibal, Peak, Percy and Northumberland  Group of Islands. Stanage Bay update.

Yep a lot can be said for our beautiful part of the coast.  All accessible and within 60nm of our little paradise here at Stanage Bay township.  The small coastal township with two shops, one pub, one servo, icemakers, one good boat ramp, fifty friendly locals and the biggest driveway  though beautiful beef grazing land.  Shotgun Pete and his crew recently stayed at Pacific Villa once again  simply  loved the continued evolving fisherman’s  accommodation,” built by fishermen for fishermen”.

Troy from  Petes crew finally sent me some great pics of their fishing trip.  Thanks Troyboy for sharing.  love it, when you share.  I’ve shared my knowledge in the past, now you guys are sharing your tuned knowledge with me, thankyou.  

  I now have in stock soft plastics, jigs n braid, thanks to my good customers advice.  All quality too.   Even sold out of the nuclear chicken lures they told me to get in.    Yes the weather has been anything from absolute glass to abhorren..  The S.B.M.A. Boat yard, emptied out with the notion of good weather and good fish on the chew, with a mix of perfect tides.   I always say its irrelevant , what tides , so long as you can get out .  it depends totally on whether you can get out with the weather.  Fish love to chew on the turn on the tide, thus only getting about and hour or so for bottom bashing most of the time.  When the run is on, simply troll or go searching for new area, exploring the islands etc.  Try not to focus you holiday and yes I said holiday, on fishing alone,  you will put too much pressure on yourself and explode like the ol pressure cooker.  Take it in your stride its not an arm or leg, enjoy your trip, the freedom and exhilaration of the experience, other poor buggers laying in a hospital bed or coffin before their time would just love the fresh air and beauty.  The Percy group has been very compliant with  amicably sized red emperor, making all aboard “Big Mac”…sorry Wellsy, I mean Mac One, very happy.  Oo yea!  Oops a daisy, what was that, you need a professional fibreglasser to come up to repair that beautiful, new  paintjob on the mac?  Flaming trailers, flaming boatramp, flaming motors? What the?? Weetbix packet licenced driver.  Really ?

Righto, massive sweet lip and snapper along with spannos everywhere, unfortunately only sweetlip and Snapper were on the chew in some places.   The tuna fish, yep can say they are quite yummy also in stir fry, are belly jumping  between  peir head and the dukes.  When the weather changed with the second cold snap, with a bit of west in the slight breeze, it should have brought on the salmon in plague formation, however I haven’t had a chance to go have a fish, and no one has chased them so far as I know.

Both  coral trout and coastal trout using big prawns in the shallows 4 metres close in to shield at the change of incoming tide alongside some soft plastics.

Got to love and leave you. Ding dong, my shop.

Cheers with or without beers,


Stanage Bay update Stanage Bay update Stanage Bay update Stanage Bay update Stanage Bay update Stanage Bay update

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