Stop the Glare With BluBlocker Sunglasses

BLUBLOCKER makes one of the most important pairs of sunglasses you will ever own.

BluBlocker high-resolution sunglasses protect your eyes by eliminating damaging ultraviolet and blue spectrum light waves. These sunglasses also dramatically help your vision by reducing glare. Objects appear sharper and clearer, permitting you to see better and farther.

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The dangers of UV and blue light exist on cloudy as well as sunny days and in winter as well as summer. BluBlocker sunglasses reduce the sun’s glare in the summer but on cloudy days brighten and enhance the view.

In short, they are all-season, all-weather sunglasses that balance and control the light intensity no matter when you wear them.

BluBlocker uses only the best materials in the manufacture of its sunglasses. BluBlocker lenses are made of Malenium – a very tough protective lens that is so rugged it will not shatter on impact.
This extra level of protection makes the brand’s lenses ideal for sports activities. There is no spray-on coating that may later rub off because the filtering material is within the lens itself.

And each lens has an anti-scratch coating that protects its finish under normal use.

The amber lens blocks 100 percent of the UVA, UVB, infrared and blue light. Blue light is at the end of the light spectrum and is the most harmful.

BluBlocker frames are made out of a flexible memory-retention nylon material. The frames can be stretched but will always return to their original shape. They are also ultra light and provide superior comfort and durability.

With several functional styles to choose from, they are the ideal all-round go-anywhere active sunglasses for you and your family. The origins of BluBlocker sunglasses trace back to the NASA space program. Astronauts need strong protection for their eyes in outer space where ultraviolet rays are much stronger than on earth.

BluBlocker Corporation has sold over 20 million pairs of sunglasses worldwide and has been turning out the most advanced sunglasses in the world at a reasonable price.

In short, you can’t buy a better pair of sunglasses at any price. And finally, BluBlocker sunglasses are available in Australia directly from the Australian distributer. For more information, visit

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