Time to fish with deep divers

With the winds being variable we saw North to South Easterly and everything in between.  With light currents the Northerly winds tending to quieten things down a bit but some great fish were caught along the way. deep

North reef featured snapper and cobia coming on board as well as maori cod, tusk fish, pearl perch and the odd jewfish as well. Most fish falling for baited up twin hook paternoster rig fished hard on the bottom. Midwater bigger snapper and cobia are usually found so having that pilchard floater out in a stream of burley is best especially if the bite is slow.

When headed out to any new spot always try dropping a high speed jig like a River 2 Sea knife jig in 100g size. These lures are sure to get slammed by any pelagic fish in the area and Cobia, Amberjack and Tuna are all suckers for one.  In closer Sunshine Reef has been a bit quieter with smaller snapper, grassy sweetlip, moses perch, maori cod on the catch menu.

If on anchor then a 4/0-6/0 gang hooked pilchard and an 8-10 sized ball sinker fished hard on the bottom for the bigger reef fish will work as long as you can keep your bait still. Heavier 50-60LB fluorocarbon leaders are a must in deeper water and over heavy rocky bottom to prevent getting busted off.

Around Halls Reef there has been the odd spanish mackerel and longtail tuna caught and a slow trolled dead bait rigged onto a pre-weighted troll rig with bigger 6/0-7/0 hooks will get the job done.

On the beaches, chopper sized tailor remain but are not in big numbers. With the recent swell and rain we have seen a few gutters open up again which should see the fish starting to fire as we move into the week. South of Noosa heads and around the rocky points of Noosa and Point Arkwright should see some great action for those who can make the trip.

Whole pilchard baits fished on small fine wire gang hooks in the 2/0 size and 20lb leaders will give you some bite protection and abrasion resistance should you hook a bigger snapper of tailor. Also in the mix are bigger dart and some standout bream especially around the rivers of Maroochy and Noosa. The gutters along Noosa River mouth are producing flathead and whiting with the middle groyne is holding smaller flathead, bream and dart.

In the river; the fallen trees just beyond the dog beach is now providing cover for some standout bream, jacks, trevally and flathead. The new Daiwa Double Clutch lures are flying off the shelves and would be the perfect choice around this area. Further away try the flats of the sand bags and the frying pan for whiting, flathead, bream.

Surface walkers in this area are deadly when worked off the bank into deeper waters. Surface fishing for these fish is a great way to target them just remember to pack your polaroid glasses. The current line will hold a few solid golden trevally and big eye trevally with 3 inch paddle tail plastics or fresh cut baits the best on light lines drifted along with the current.

Further toward the lakes and between the lakes trevally, bream, flathead and the occasional mangrove jack can be found, but you will have to work along the tree lines and be very patient to tempt a big early season red dog. These fish require super accurate casts and quality lures and treble hooks are a must.

In the Freshwater; Lake Macdonald and Borumba are holding some cracking bass which are taking hardbodies worked along the weed edges. Lures including Norries Laydown minnows and the new Daiwa Double clutch are perfect suspending options.

For the surface angler take Lucky Craft Sammy 65 and the smaller Sugapen are options to flick into heavy cover. For the soft plastic fisherman then Keitech easy shiner in the 2 inch size and lightly rigged to drift downward under a fallen tree will get a big bite from a hungry bass or saratoga.

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