Tips for the weekend around Noosa region

Well what a week of weather we have had here in the Noosa region! March has certainly remained consistent with weather patterns similar to years previous.


Offshore has been on hold due to winds in the 20 knot range and the driving rains that have stayed. On a positive note offshore has had a break from boats and anglers so next week when the weather changes we should see some cracking catches. Longtail tuna were on the move up and with cooler water temps these fish will be on the hunt. Make now the time to prepare, buy your slugs, make up gang hook rigs and ensure braid is fresh and leader knots are strong as these line burners are not far away.

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Noosa River Noosa region

The Noosa River has been the main focus for anglers looking to beat the weather and wet a line. Without any doubt the two species on most people’s target list are mangrove jacks and flathead. These fish have been feeding hard during the wet and windy times with some great jacks coming from the bridges and rock piles around Noosa. The new Chasebaits flick prawn in the heavier versions are already proving a huge success. When you target these fish you need to assess the general area. If you are around rocks then you need to increase lines and leaders. If casting out in more open areas they may not be a need to go heavy. As the old expression goes, don’t go to a gun fight armed with a knife. Elsewhere in the river bigeye trevally and small GT’s have been getting caught. These fish don’t mind the dirty waters too much and will take lures with a lot of vibration. Look at micro jigs and small slugs. You can retro fit a set of small stingers to a Halco twisty like the Atomic trick bitz and before you know it you have a great jig that becomes very versatile.

Mud Crabs

With all the rains the run of mud crabs continue so pick up all your crabbing supplies including bait and be sure to have pots placed this coming weekend.

Whiting and bream

Around the drop offs of the mouth and flats anglers have been finding schooled up whiting and bream. These fish are best targeted on light lines for the best bait presentation and fun. Beach worm on unweighted or very lightly weighted worm hooks and 4-6lb lines will excel at finding the fish. You can also pick up flatties and grunter bream in these areas too.

Freshwater Noosa region

Freshwater has been quiet as both Borumba and Lake MacDonald continue to spill over. For bass anglers try skirting the weed banks where the wind is blowing as this can push bait fish into the shallows. If you have side scanning technology be sure to watch your zoom rate as you scan the weedy points so you can see the schools. Once found pull back and spot lock and throw your lures like smaller spinnerbaits and lipless crank baits like Jackall TN 60 into the school and work out. Watch your retrieve speed so you stay at the same level as the fish. If after something a bit bigger try suspending hardbodies worked out from the banks and trees. With the lack of lilies fish will be holding under overhanging trees so be sure to work these edges and don’t forget to take a lure retriever with you!

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Noosa region Noosa region Noosa region Noosa region Noosa region 

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