Water release from Wivenhoe Dam

Seqwater advises that a radial gate will be used to maintain normal water releases from Wivenhoe Dam starting on Wednesday 17 June 2015 for approximately two weeks.

Seqwater is undertaking maintenance of the outlet works at Wivenhoe Dam. To facilitate this work, the outlet works and hydro-station will be taken off-line during business hours, and one radial gate will be opened to continue the operational releases during daylight hours.
The releases are required to maintain supply during the day to downstream customers and meet environmental flow requirements. The hydro will then be operated overnight to meet the water supply needs of the Mount Crosby Water Treatment Plants.
The change in release mechanism is not expected to impact local communities and residents downstream of Wivenhoe Dam as daily release volumes should not change from what is currently being released.
We will keep you updated if any significant changes are made.

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