What’s at the National 4×4 Outdoors Show, Fishing & Boating Expo

HERE’S a list of a bunch of exhibitors that you can find at the 2016 Brisbane National 4×4 Outdoors Show, Fishing & Boating Expo.

AIRBAG Man’s Wireless Kits provide easy inflation and deflation of your air suspension.

Level your vehicle when towing or carrying uneven loads with ‘touch of a button’ technology.

This dual wireless air-control kit is a very convenient system easily added to existing air suspension products or as part of a full Airbag Man package.


    • Individual control of two airbags.
    • Lightweight, brushed-finish key fob controller with button shield.
  • Easy to mount, pre-programmed receiver.
  • Compact 200psi valve block with sealed connectors.
  • Easily added to existing air control systems.
  • Optional digital or analogue gauge for accurate pressure reference at your set height measurement.

For more information, visit www.airbagman.com.au and see the team at the show.

ELECTRONIC Rust Prevention Systems Australia was formed from humble beginnings in 1994, beginning manufacturing in its own factory on the Gold Coast in 1996.

Twenty years on, ERPS continues to manufacture 95 percent of its goods in-house.

Although a very different product now, with a greatly increased product range, ERPS proudly continues with all aspects of the manufacturing process from concept to design, testing and manufacturing.

While the core business is in protecting cars and four-wheel-drives from rust, systems have been built for a huge variety of equipment, including everything from grand pianos to 200-tonne mining trucks.

ERPS sells throughout Australia and continues to expand around the globe. ERPS managing director Jeff Eastwood said, “ERPS pioneered the introduction of electronic rust prevention systems in Australia.”

“In the early days, of course no one had heard of electronic rust prevention and the concept was met with some scepticism, even though the concept had been around since the early 1800s.”

Today electronic rust prevention is accepted as the norm in the motoring industry, with hundreds of thousands of systems installed in both new and used vehicles throughout the country and around the world.

Visit www.erps.com.au for more information or stop by the ERPS stand at the show and talk to the friendly team.

THE new and exciting TravelMate range of fridge-freezers from Evakool ticks all the boxes.

Available in two styles of end opening and front opening, with three sizes in each style, all units feature a stylish cabinet with heavy-duty handles and built-in magnets to prevent rattling. The end-opening design (38, 45 and 50-litre sizes) is ideal for the back of a four-wheel-drive due to its drawer system while the front-opening TravelMate (50, 65 and 80-litre sizes) is perfect for all other applications.

Operated in fridge or freezer configuration with dairy compartment, the TravelMate provides silent, reliable and efficient operation. All models are powered by Secop (formerly Danfoss) compressors with low power draw.

Soft-touch electronic controls and a USB socket are intuitive additions. The unique lid design allows easy access because it can be opened from both ends or completely removed, while a removable basket and bright internal light improve useability.

Competitively priced with protective cover included at no extra cost, the TravelMate has a five-year warranty supported by Evakool’s nationwide service network.

Visit www.evakool.com for more information and see the Evakool team at the show.

ZENEC has just released a new universal head unit, the Z-N626.

The latest offering from the Swiss developer has all the features you could want or need, such as Parrot Bluetooth with dual phone pairing, mood-based music selection, radio tuner now with DAB+ capability, reverse camera integration, NextGen street navigation and the ability to add full Hema 4WD Nav mapping.


If you have Hema 4WD Nav installed in your Zenec device you will receive the latest digital off-road and touring maps including Hema Maps’ awesome 1:150,000 topographic map. You can save that special fishing spot or camping site so you can find it again later or you can watch as the mapping tracks where you have driven to ensure you can find your way out of a tricky spot.

Be sure to check out this awesome piece of equipment at the show with the Zenec team on stand F5.

OFF Road Central is a proud distributor of the new Dreamtime 2.5m x 2.5m Awning.

It features a black vinyl waterproof and UV-resistant bag, LED light strip (self-fit), heavy-duty alloy knuckle joints and pins and loops on upright poles.

Dreamtime for Mag)
The Dreamtime Awning is tough and is made from 420D rip-stop waterproof canvas, giving you plenty of shade as well as the strength to go anywhere your 4×4 can. Take it camping, fishing, to the beach or even the kids’ football game. The Dreamtime Awning comes supplied with a fitting kit including mounts and easy to read instructions.

Off Road Central will have lots of show specials and be showing off a huge range of 4×4 accessories on Stand 610. www.offroadcentral.com.au

BULL Motor Bodies is Australia’s leading supplier of aluminium service bodies, flat trays and tool boxes.

The story behind Bull Motor Bodies’ phenomenal success stemmed from the initial desire of its owners to build the best range of ute bodies and trays. After five years of building aluminium service bodies, the owners invested in powerful 3D automotive modelling software and set about redesigning a whole range of standardised products from scratch.

Their mission was to manufacture the range from the highest quality materials while keeping costs to a minimum. All bodies built by Bull Motor Bodies are now completely standardised and built in one of the most efficient plants in the industry. This keeps quality and overall finish to an exceptionally high standard.

Standard options within Bull canopies are:
• Fitted to chassis;
• Unistrut channel internal and external that enables easy install and removal of options and other parts;
• Rope rails, mud guards and mud flaps;
• Door open safety alarms;
• Full length side doors;
• Whole of life cost – canopy is interchangeable on any commercial vehicle – lease to lease; and
• Colour match white paint code to all vehicles (metallic paint extra).

Bull Motor Bodies’ product will be displayed at the show on stand E220. Come and see the team at the show for show specials. www.bullmotorbodies.com.au

CAMPERS searching for a solution to hot summer nights in tents, campers, caravans or boats can find a solution with a Transcool air cooler unit.

Transcool is a portable evaporative air cooler designed and manufactured by Peter Donegan in 2010 after many sleepless nights in hot truck bunks while driving interstate. Transcool has the ability to run on either 12V, 24V or 240V electricity and features low battery voltage shut-off circuitry to eliminate the risk of flat vehicle batteries.


The unit is made from local and imported components and constructed at Kyneton, Victoria. Transcool has various applications due to its compact size and low power consumption, and weighs just 1.5kg. It also has a very low maximum current draw of 1.7A and emits no harmful greenhouse emissions.

Transcool units are very versatile and used around the world for people and their pets in camper trailers, RVs, four-wheel-drives, boats and trucks. For more information, visit www.transcool.info or talk to the team at the show.

ULTIMATE Campers has been making its iconic off-road camper trailers on the south coast of NSW for more than two decades.

An off-road camper trailer from Ultimate Campers represents the very best in engineering, sleek contemporary styling, comfort, innovation and of course, superior off-road performance.


Australian design and light weight combined with an Ultimate’s signature aerodynamic contours allows for a more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly off-road adventure. And let’s face it, adventure and exploration is what owning an Ultimate Camper is all about, whether that’s an XTRK, XTERRAN, XPLOR, XPLOR GT or Nautilus.

Legendary off-road performance means an Ultimate is only restricted to where you want to go and what you want to experience by your four-wheel-drive’s capability, whether you are heading through Cape York, across the Simpson Desert or following the Canning Stock Route.

This is 21st century camping. www.ultimateoffroadcampers.com.au

AN often overlooked but vital component when upgrading your 4×4 is the clutch system.

If you regularly tow heavy loads, take your vehicle off-road or have any vehicle modifications such as larger tyres or higher horsepower, a heavy-duty clutch kit may be required to handle the extra strain. Xtreme Outback is a world-renowned specialist in heavy duty and performance clutch kits to suit 4×4 vehicles.

Group of touring trailer caravans at a roadside rest area in outback Western Australia.
Group of touring trailer caravans at a roadside rest area in outback Western Australia.

As a division of Australian Clutch Services, Xtreme Outback has an extensive range of heavy-duty clutch kits and accessories to suit various makes and models, designed and tested in-house. Included in the Xtreme Outback product range is heavy-duty pressure plates and friction discs along with single-mass conversion flywheels and clutch accessories such as bolts and hydraulic components.

Available through an extensive national distribution network, Xtreme Outback is the market leader in heavy-duty 4×4 upgrades.

The Xtreme Outback team will be at the show on stand F9.

MODERN life depends on electrical power and a large portion is in the form of DC electrical systems powering all types of transport, back-up, solar and emergency systems and electronics.

The majority of DC systems are powered by lead-acid batteries, and these systems rely on maximum voltage in order to achieve design efficiency, maximum fuel economy and minimum emissions.
Lead-acid batteries are the heart of DC electrical systems and as such play a vital role in how efficiently they run.

Car battery with green recycle sign. 3d
Car battery with green recycle sign. 3d

As in humans, where keeping the heart healthy means the entire system stays heathy, so it is with DC electrical systems. When the battery is clean and healthy on the inside, the system voltage is kept high and maximum efficiency is achieved. Inversely, when the battery is sick, the system voltage is low, setting off a downward spiral of downtime, maintenance and repairs.

Lead-acid batteries suffer from an inherent problem known as sulfation, which is a dense insulating barrier that forms on the battery plates as a by-product of battery usage.
Preventing and reversing sulfation is very important to both the environment and your bank balance.

The Megapulse VEE System uses pulse technology to eliminate sulfation, resulting in batteries being maintained in optimum condition and achieving maximum system voltage and service life. The VEE System has been tested (over seven years), proven and installed by Volvo, Scania and Mercedes on 115,000 new vehicles as an environmentally beneficial cost-reducing technology. For further information, visit www.megapulse.net

THE Darling Forward Fold camper trailer by Bluewater Campers has industry-leading features you simply won’t find on any other comparably priced camper.

Featuring a hardy WCT Dynaproofed Australian canvas tent, YKK zippers and Finetex midge-proof mesh, no other tent comes close in terms of performance, strength and durability. The Darling’s stainless steel kitchenette comes standard with a Dometic gas cooker that is locally installed and certified.

This camper is built tough and includes Lovell springs, RidePro shocks and a choice of wheels and tyres to suit your trip requirements. Add in a portable hot-water unit, shower, toilet and ensuite and this camper provides outback touring in style and comfort. The Darling has many years of proven performance, and will be sure to meet your expectations.

If you’re interested, be sure to see the Bluewater Campers team at stand A121 for a great deal.

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