Where To Mount a Winch

AN anchor serves an important purpose on a boat.

When people want to stop their boat to go fishing the anchor is lowered so they can stay on one spot. For generations, anchors were manually released and taken in. This is hard work and can be a challenge, especially with a heavy boat and strong tides. A winch makes it easier to put out and pull in the anchor. Consider where to mount a winch before installation. Think about the different winch mounting positions that can be used, based on the boat and other conditions.

Under the deck
Many people like to have the winch mounted under the deck. This may cost more than having an anchor on the deck or in the back of the boat. An area must be designated under the deck that fits the size of the winch. However it is a major advantage because the winch and anchor are tucked out of the way. This can create more space on the boat for occupants and gear.

It also helps keep the boat cleaner and more organised. It can be more challenging to install a winch under the deck and this is usually done by a boating professional to ensure the best possible results.

On the deck
One of the most common places to mount the winch is one the deck. Boats of all sizes and types have anchors on the deck, including some of the smallest craft.

This setup means the anchor is easy to access in just a moment but people on the boat need to be careful of the anchor and aware of its location when not in the water. This type of winch is usually easier to install. Depending on the position, the anchor can be let out at various angles, based on the tides and where the captain wants to stop the boat.

On the back of the boat
Finally, a winch can also be mounted on the back of the boat. The goal is to find a secure place to let out the anchor. Other factors are also important, such as the type of anchor required for the conditions and the rope or chain holding it.

A winch makes it simpler to let out the anchor quickly and bring it back up with minimal strain to your arms and back. In some situations, an anchor might be used in both the front and back of the boat. The different winch mounting positions make it simpler to keep a boat in one place, whether you are fishing for a day or staying overnight to camp under the stars.

Work with a professional to determine the best place to mount the winch for your needs. Discuss how the boat will be used and provide the details about your watercraft to figure out where the winch should be placed.

Contact Savwinch on 03 8361 8841 to learn more about winch mounting positions and the ideal components to use for your boat. Let a professional tackle the job so you feel confident about your anchor and winch in all conditions.

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